Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Floral Maxi Skirt ~ Not Just A Sunsuit Tour

I haven't blogged in a very long time, mainly because I didn't have anything new to share.  But today I'm excited to show you a very cute pattern that I had fun sewing!  Seriously, this was a very satisfying garment to make with maybe my favorite fabric ever.

As my girls are getting more aware that mommy can make them clothes, they have been requesting more items.  Sometimes they come up with some crazy designs that are impossible to make.  Sometimes they just want something with dragons on it.  But one of my girls has been asking all summer for a "fancy princess skirt" (maxi skirt).  

There are 10 different versions included in the Paneled Sunsuit pattern, with lots of different possibilities for mix and match.  When I looked at the several options I was excited to see that a maxi skirt (with pockets!) was one of them.  

The pattern is super detailed and includes every bit of information you need to select the version you want and the perfect size.  Really, Ajaire has thought of everything - I doubt anyone will have questions on how to blend sizes or what fabrics to use.  My favorite part is the printing chart.  With so many options, the pattern includes several pages.  Ajaire made a wonderful chart that includes all the views and their corresponding pages of the pattern to print, based off of the size needed.  So I could easily enter in the pages I needed to print View H (maxi skirt) in a size 4T, since that is all I needed to print at this time.

I had just enough of this rayon challis floral print in my fabric stash to make this skirt.  We both love the pockets!  She used them immediately to hold wildflowers from the yard.  I added some silver piping because the girls are drawn to all things shiny lately.

We both love the skirt and I am looking forward to making other versions of the pattern (pant sunsuit for fall?!?).  The waist fits great and there is the perfect amount of flare in the skirt for her to still run around the backyard dressed like a fancy princess :)

You can use the code SUNSUIT15 now at both Upcraft Club and Etsy through September 7th.  There will also be four patterns given away at the end of the tour.  Enter below!

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