Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ikat Concert Tee

With all the Etsy sewing of kids clothing I've been doing lately, I've yearned for more things to make for myself.  Lucky me, a couple of new pattern packages specifically for women have been released!

One package is available through Pattern Parcel.  It's a fun concept to pay what you want for a bunch of patterns while also supporting charity.  I knew as soon as I bought it that I'd be sewing up Dixy DIY's Summer Concert Tee.

It's a quick and satisfying sew and perfect for a shirt I've been promising my much younger sister in-law.  The cropped front is a little shorter than I expected, but perfect for a college kid who likes to layer.

I used some rayon challis that I've been hoarding and some knit for the neckband, which worked out pretty well.  It's super flowy and the drape is pretty flattering.  I sewed a size up from what I should since it's not for me - I look forward to finding another knit to make myself one!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Purple Penguin Dress

Project Run & Play season 9 has started again and I am officially addicted to sewing along.  It must be the themes.  (Actually, it starts next week, the 24th - I can't believe I not only got the date wrong but actually made something early instead of last minute!!!) They pull me out of sewing funks and give me inspiration from places I would never expect.  The first week's theme is "Put Me In the Zoo", a challenge to design an outfit based on your or your child's favorite animal.  

As you may have figured out, my favorite animal is a penguin.  

A black and white dress like an actual penguin would've been really fun, but the girls are more into color, specifically purple.  So I took the lines of a penguin's shape and played with color blocking instead.

Can you see the subtle sweetheart in the top like a penguin's face, and it's beak?  

The bodice was made from modifying the Cottage Mamma's Party Dress pattern. (free updated pattern for newsletter subscribers!!)

And of course I added wings/flippers/giant pockets!!!

The back is all purple with fun little snowflake buttons.

Finally the bottom band is to mimic feet.  

What does the penguin do???  (waddle waddle waddle)

This was my first experience playing with color blocking.  I hope the trend is not over yet because I'm hooked!  I can't wait to see what the competitors come up with this week - they are a creative bunch!