Thursday, November 21, 2013

Something for my Other Half

When my husband had a birthday last month, I thought it would be good to finally sew him something. He does so much for me by putting up with my disaster sewing area and taking pictures of everything so I can share.  It's high time I put aside fabric and time for him and not just the kids (or me).

The tshirt is a free pattern over at Burda Style called Pete.  The pattern wasn't too difficult and went together well.  I spent quite a few hours on it though.  I wanted to make sure that the stripes matched perfectly and that the inside seams were nice and clean.  No rushing!  When I was finished, it looked humungous and I was pretty sure it was going to be a fail.  But I tried it on and it looked good on me except for the shoulder width so I was pretty pleased.

This must be his best side, since almost all the pics I took of him looked like this!  It's kinda weird that I made one exactly like the pattern picture.  I didn't intend to, it's just that this black/grey striped knit was the manliest fabric I had on hand.  I love it though - he doesn't have a lot of striped shirts or black and grey ones.  I think he loves it too since he wears it pretty often, so I think I'll start trying some more men's patterns.  I'd love to hear of any good ones!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Upcycled Turkey Craft

Welcome to a super fun Thanksgiving craft perfect for toddlers!  I just love every bit of it.  Here's what you'll need:
  • used metal lids
  • gathered leaves
  • googly eyes
  • scrap of red yarn
  • scrap of orange felt
  • pipe cleaner
  • hot glue
This idea started a while back after I saw a pin for turning some canning lids into a pumpkin.  Here's an example with one that I made.

We've been eating up items that we had canned a lot recently, thus amassing a bunch of lids.  I thought it would be cute to use some to make a turkey by painting them brown and glueing on some feathers.  However just glueing on regular feathers wouldn't involve the kids much.  But making feathers out of painted leaves would!

Start this activity by collecting a bunch of different types of leaves from outside.  Then come back in and start all the painting.  First, paint some can lids with brown acrylic paint.  It would be smart to prime the lids ahead of time, though we just gave them several coats instead.

Then go to town painting leaves in various colors!  This activity kept the girls entertained for quite some time since it was so unusual to them.

After everything dries, get out the glue gun.  Glue a smaller lid on top of a big one, then add some googly eyes and pipe cleaner feet.  Take a scrap of felt cut into a beak shape and glue it on top of a scrap of red yarn to make the wattle (sometimes called the gobbler).

Finally, glue the painted leaves on to the back of the lids.

Et Voila - upcycled turkeys!

We're saving more lids to make some snow men after thanksgiving.  I plan on having the girls collect some sticks and rocks when we're ready to make them.  It's so much fun to create something to decorate inside the house with a bit of something from the outside!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hosh Pants - 80s style

So 80's fashion is still in, right?  Maybe?  I never thought I'd make pants with fabric like this.  It all started when I went on travel recently during a cold spell here and received a simple text from my husband - "The girls need pants".  Challenge accepted.

As soon as I got home I bought the Hosh Pants pattern.  I had been looking for an excuse to get it for some time - seemed like the perfect slim pants for my tiny kids.  Then one of the girls went with me to the fabric store to pick out some fabric.  She was drawn right away to the gold and black snakeskin-like fabric and threw it right into the cart.  I protested but she was adamant, so I went with it.  Then she picked out the faded jean fabric with roses and white polka dots.  No way I told her, over and over.  It looked ridiculously dated to me.  But she was again determined to get it - it's "just like the Beast's rose" she said.  I tried to direct her to a different floral, but she then reminded me I told her she could pick two and she did.  How could I argue?

The pattern is as awesome as I had hoped and I finished both pairs in less than a 2hr nap.  The only thing I'm not sure about is how baggy they are in the back.  Forgive the blurry pick - it's the best I got.

I think in the future I may have to cut the pattern with a 3T length but smaller waist.  Or slash out some of the back.  But I may not have to make another pair for a while, since I found an entire tub full of hand-me-down 3T winter clothes (including lots of pants) that I forgot existed.  Ooops.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving Past

Another holiday is on the way, which means another reason for a fun outfit to sew.  However, the outfits that I made the girls last year still fit.  So I can check that one off the list and focus on Christmas!

I usually would be sad that I no longer have a reason to sew, but these skirts are special to me.  They are the first ones I have ever sewn!  That's right, I've only been sewing for a year now (though blogging less than that).  These simple skirts were a gateway to an obsession that I can't quit.

I made the skirts using a tutorial from Riley Blake after a friend had sent me a link.  I hadn't touched my machine for years before making these.  It's interesting to look at the construction of these and see how much I've learned.

The shirts are plain ones from Old Navy that I personalized with the girls handprints.  I then turned them into turkeys with some puff paint.  I used some heat n bond to adhere the cut out hands.  I had intended to peel them off and add new ones this year, but their hands are pretty close to the same size as last year.  Go figure.  Now all I have to do to these outfits is maybe sew around the hand edges to make them more permanent.

I dont' think I'll get so lucky again next year and will have to make some new outfits, but I think it would be fun to make it a tradition to have turkey-handprint shirts and simple skirts for each thanksgiving.  Until they think it's no longer cool at least!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Swing Skirt - Compagnie M.

A few weeks ago Marte from Compagnie M. announced a new pattern, the Swing Skirt, and asked if anyone would like to test it.  I applied of course - who wouldn't, do you see how beautiful it is?!?  Luckily I was selected!  I've been excited for the release of this skirt ever since Marte first posted about it.

The design of this skirt is so sophisticated with it's front box pleat, yet the large side pockets make it really fun for the kids.  

Great for collecting leaves…

And for showcasing special fabric from your stash.  (Raccoons!!!)  

The pattern was very clean and easy to follow.  It comes in versions with or without seam allowances added and includes instructions for inserting an invisible zipper.  The skirt has a flat waistband with a back zipper, but an adjustable waistband can be easily added.  I ended up adding elastic across the back so both girls could wear it.

I had some hiccups in construction of the waistband (inserted it upside down twice), but it was because I was rushing to finish it and see it modeled.  I knew it was my new favorite skirt for the girls before I had even completed it.  Can't wait to make more.  I think with the right fabric it will be a wonderful winter skirt.

The pattern has been officially released and can be found here!  It comes in sizes 12 months - 10 years!  Check it out and also catch the pattern tour of all the other versions that have been made.
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