Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frozen Inspired Everyday Dresses

We love the newest Disney movie Frozen (if you couldn't tell).  I think it really hits home with the girls because it features two sisters.  Though their favorite duo in the movie is actually Olaf and Sven (the snowman and reindeer).  You've already seen the costume-y Elsa dress I created - but I also made them a couple practical dresses for everyday wear out and about or to school.  Both dresses are peasant style.  They're starting to dress themselves so I'm making more easy on/off outfits lately.  

Let's start with Elsa, the beautiful snow queen struggling with her powers.

 With ombre chevron bodice and icicle-like trim…

 that's accented with a shimmering snowflake.

This is just one way to interpret Elsa's dress into practical wear.  I've had a hard time restraining myself from making every design that's been jumping into my head.  Probably because these are my favorite colors.

And then there's the sweet Princess Anna.  The fearless girl who never gives up on her sister.

Her dress features an interesting vine and flower design that I replicated with dimensional paint (if only I had an embroidery machine!).  You can get the same look with a stencil and paint or appliquéing fabric scraps, but I wanted some texture to the bodice.

Anna wears a distintive outfit while off on her adventure to reach her sister.  Here's a sneak peek.  I'll be showcasing it tomorrow and including a tutorial, so make sure to check back!

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  1. I love your "everyday" princess dresses! They both look lovely, I especially love the Anna dress paint and ricrac details!

  2. Claire's face in the first picture kills me!!! Hahah SO much personality in that tiny little body…both of them!! You need to make some princess dresses for your Etsy shop. You would make a killing. I was looking for a Merida dress back during Halloween and you wouldn't believe the prices! The ones in the store are so cheaply made…your stuff is such good quality!!

    1. Ha, yes, lots of personality for sure. I think she's eating a skittle (picture bribe) in that picture and is pretty satified with herself :) THanks! Actually, I am selling Frozen dresses in the shop and am getting lots of traffic, which was unexpected!

  3. Love both dresses! what a great ideia! we are frozen fans too!
    I found you through the linky party.