Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Princess Anna Cape and Hat

What's a Princess Anna dress without her cape (cloak) and hat to keep her warm?  During Anna's adventure to the North mountain to find her sister, she dons a pink cape with pom-pom trim and a cute hat with purple accent.  

Capes are awesome.  Every kid loves them.  Why wouldn't they?  
Your Frozen fan would love one too!

Here's how you can make one for them.  It's really not too difficult, but does require some prior experience cutting out circle pieces.  You'll need about a yard (depending on your child's size) of fleece or felt.  These fabrics are great for holding their shape during playtime.

  1. Use a loose fitting tee for a template to cut out two front vest pieces and a back piece with a curved hem.  
  2. With fabric right sides together, assemble the vest pieces at the shoulders and side seams. 
  3. Add trim down the front.  You could continue the trim along the hem if you want the cape to look more like the movie outfit.  Some ideas of trim include a strip of fleece, lace, or jumbo ric rac.
  4. The top part of the cape is made just like a circle skirt, except the circumference in the middle is the neckline instead of a waist.  Measure from the shoulder to the middle of the neckline.  My number was about 4 inches.  Use that number for the middle circle cut out.  Then measure either 9 to 11 inches from that and cut out the outer circumference of the circle.  Slice the circle down the middle in the front.
  5. Pin the right side of the circle cut out to the wrong side of the vest.  Start at the middle back and work your way out.  There will be excess of the circle cutout.  Trim to the desired width.  Stitch the two layers together
  6. Flip the top layer back over the vest.  Stitch it down and add trim around the neckline.  Sew on a clasp at the neckline and pom-pom trim around the top layer's hem.  Add any other trims or embellishments to the cape.

And now you have a cape!

How about a quick hat?

Cut out two rectangles.  Mine were about 9" x 11" for a toddler hat.  Also cut out two strips about 1/2" x 15" and a piece of purple fur 4"x 6".  Sew a curve on the rectangles as seen above.  Cut the front opening for the face about 6" from the back.  Attach the two strips at the base.  Finally, fold the fur trim in half with the right sides out and sew it along the wrong side of the hat where the forehead would go.  The picture should explain it all.  This may require some redesign depending on your own child's head.  I recommend making it larger than you think needed, and then adjust through some fittings.  

Good luck sewing!  I'm happy to answer any questions you have if you try this out!

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  1. I love it…by the way we are obsessed with Frozen over here too ;)

    1. I just picked up the soundtrack. I expect to know all the words in a couple days after they've forced me to play it on repeat.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, she sure is a cute one in this thing.

  3. this turned out so well!! I love the colors! I've featured this in the Create Link Inspire fabric features this weekend on my blog. Stop over and check out all the other fun projects.. Thanks for linking up... I've pinned this and spread it all over social media land ;o) feel free to spread the word as well, thanks! Emily

  4. So cute! where did you get the clasp? It's perfect!