Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ikat Concert Tee

With all the Etsy sewing of kids clothing I've been doing lately, I've yearned for more things to make for myself.  Lucky me, a couple of new pattern packages specifically for women have been released!

One package is available through Pattern Parcel.  It's a fun concept to pay what you want for a bunch of patterns while also supporting charity.  I knew as soon as I bought it that I'd be sewing up Dixy DIY's Summer Concert Tee.

It's a quick and satisfying sew and perfect for a shirt I've been promising my much younger sister in-law.  The cropped front is a little shorter than I expected, but perfect for a college kid who likes to layer.

I used some rayon challis that I've been hoarding and some knit for the neckband, which worked out pretty well.  It's super flowy and the drape is pretty flattering.  I sewed a size up from what I should since it's not for me - I look forward to finding another knit to make myself one!

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