Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dance Shorts

After much asking from the girls, we enrolled them in a summer dance program so they could finally be like Angelina Ballerina.  But they're not only learning Ballet, but also Tap, Jazz, Modern, and Hip-Hop.  

In all their classes but Ballet, they are allowed to wear dance shorts and go barefoot.  They were pretty excited to do that, but I wasn't about to buy one more piece of dance clothing.  (dance is expensive!)  After staring at the shorts for sale in the studio, I decided I could totally just draft some myself.  But then Selvage Designs (for Baste+Gather) just happen to release a free pattern that was perfect - the Summer Shorties!

Don't you love their expressions?  Yeah, she can't help herself from making ridiculous faces throughout class too.  

These shorts are the perfect length and rise for them.  I've made a few because they require little fabric and are quick to sew.  I think they make great shorts for under dresses, dancing (obviously), gymnastics, pjs, and swim shorts.  

A few weeks ago I bought a rash guard set that was perfect in shirt size but the bottoms were way too large.  So I used the summer shorties pattern to make some swim bottoms.  Since it's white swimsuit fabric, I sewed a double layer of the fabric to prevent it being see through when wet.  Also, instead of installing exposed elastic at the waist like the pattern, I increased the rise so I could encase some swimsuit elastic.  

The pattern worked great for these swim bottoms, but white is just not the way to go for a kid at the beach.  By the end of the day there wasn't a place on her that wasn't caked in salt or sand, which stained the fabric.  So I'll just have to make some more in a different color (probably black).

The girls also love wearing the shorts with their soccer shirts.  It's pretty adorable.  

These are DC united soccer shirts.  We need some USA ones (or Brazil!).

Anyone else watching the game today?  Lets Go USA!

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  1. Awesome! I thought the same thing about these shorts, they would be perfect under dresses, or to sew in under a skirt! Love those last pics in the soccer jerseys!