Monday, August 12, 2013

The Skipper Top

Hey there!  I haven't been able to post much lately because I've been super busy testing some patterns lately instead of finishing some of my own projects.  Since I usually make two items of everything I sew for the girls (so there's no fighting over clothing), I quite often feel like I'm running a one woman sweat shop in the basement.  The past couple of weeks have made me feel like that, times twenty, because I've been cranking out so many clothing items during such a small period of time!  But really, it's all my fault.  These new patterns are so awesome I can't help myself.  Especially The Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado!  I'm so thankful I was chosen to test this pattern.  During testing I wound up making 11 tops! 

One big reason I made so many is that the girls are slightly different in size, even though they are the same exact age.  So I couldn't decide on whether to make 2Ts or 3Ts.  Of course I made both!  Here are some cut up and ready for the assembly line...

Second, there are so many options for making the skipper top - you can topstitch or add banding to the arms, waist, and neck, or even do a combination of topstitching and banding (which I plan to do next time).   You can then embelish the top with lace or add a pocket.  There are two adorable pockets to pick from - a pentagonal and heart.  I LOVE the pockets! 

Foraging through my scraps to find interesting fabric combinations has been a lot of fun! I had no idea I'd actually find a use for some of the cuts that I had saved.  Most of the quilting fabric is from JoAnn's or Fabricworm.  The solid color knits and grey/orange stripe are from JoAnn's, and all the fun prints/stripes are from Girl Charlee.  Anyway, ready to see the tops?!?

Banded with Heart Pocket

 Topstitched with Pentagonal Pocket

My favorite fabric combo EVER - so pretty, I just stare at it sometimes...

 Both Options 

at Dutch Wonderland

And my interpretation of rocker Skipper Tops using black/white/pink...

So many tops - did you count 11?  Not yet...I made one more for a birthday present that went to a little boy the girls adore.  I used the Skipper Top pattern and Girl Like the Sea's cape shirt tutorial to make a super hero top for him.  I'll probably be doing this again, since the girls wanted to keep it when I had them try it on.  I think the Skipper Top works great for boys as long as some boyish fabric is chosen.  The mask was made using the awesome tutorial and template from Handmade Frenzy. 

So there they all are.  I hope I inspired some peeps to try out this awesome pattern!  The pattern instructions take you step-by-step through each part of assembly with color photos that are super helpful.   It was obviously a quick sew, or I wouldn't have made so many.  Plus there is SO much information in the pattern instructions on how to sew with knits, so don't be intimidated if you don't sew with them often.  Happy sewing!
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  1. I love the banded shirts with heart pockets! And the green shirt w/the hen pocket - and the rocker shirts! And the super hero shirt! Haha, ok, they're all cute :)

  2. So many adorable tops! And I though making three was a lot. It's such a great pattern!

  3. I LOVE the striped shirt with the floral pocket! I would stare at it too :) Your superhero outfit turned out A.DOR.A.BLE. I love all the prints you used! I totally want to make a mask for E in houndstooth now :)