Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bucket Hats

You may have seen the towel cover ups that I made the girls for our beach vacation by now.  Before we left, I also made them some Oliver + S bucket hats.  They had finally grown out of their baby sun hats and needed new ones.  I usually sew them stuff that looks great but they don't really need, so it was nice to feel like my hobby was actually useful.  Plus the pattern was free and I was eager to give it a try.

Lately they are picky about the things I make.  I have to include a feature in/on the item that entices them to want to wear it (pockets, fun trim, animals on the fabric).  I had this very cute fat quarter with mermaids and whales on it that I thought would be perfect for the hats since they love the Little Mermaid (Jay-Cyn Designs, Storyboek II, Mermaid)  I had to make the tops of the hats the same, even though I don't usually go for the twins matchy-matchy thing.  If I hadn't, there definitely would've been a meltdown over who had the best hat. 

I made sure to cut out the top circle for each hat so that it would showcase the mermaid.  After doing that, I had just enough fabric to cut out the brims.  I was very proud of myself that I managed two hats out of a fat quarter.  But when I counted up my pieces, I realized I had forgotten about the sides!  ooops

So I improvised with what I had.  I dug around and found some purple linen that complimented the mermaid fabric pretty well.  I wasn't sure if it would turn out okay, but the girls like purple so I went with it.

I LOVE how it turned out!

Now for the other side of the hat (they are reversible), I used some fabric that was the same print but different colors.  The fabrics are Fancy Flight Organic Mod Vine Stripe in Garden Brown and Jewel Grey by Nancy Mims of Mod Green Pod, for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  I love the hats with the front brim turned up to showcase these prints.  I have to hold myself back from buying more of this fabric!

These hats were not the easiest thing I have sewn though!  For some reason I thought I could finish them both in under an hour - I guess because they are so small.  But I think it took me about three hours of careful cutting, ironing, and sewing.  Every step required me to slow down and concentrate.  I may have rewarded myself with a milkshake afterwards.  At least I'm pretty confindent with sewing curved pieces now. 

The worst part really was the hand sewing of the two sides with an invisible stitch to make them reversible.  I put that off until the car ride to the beach.  The whole time I was stitching them together I thought there's got to be a better way!  I googled around and realized there is!   Too bad I had forgotten that post by Handmade Frenzy.  If anyone else tries to make these hats, you should definitely try that way...unless you like hand stitching?

Hopefully soon I'll finally go through all of our pics from vacation.  We kind of had a good time.  As long as we didn't try to visit the beach!

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  1. " was nice to feel like my hobby was actually useful." Bahahaha - you crack me up!! The hats are cute - I love that they're reversible! Also, I hear ya - hand stitching is the WORST!