Monday, September 30, 2013

Signature Style - PR & P wk 4

I most often sew dresses for the girls, but lately I've been making them more casual attire such as tshirts and leggings for school.  So I'm not completely set on what my "signature style" is with sewing.  I don't think I ever truly will be - it's always evolving.  What I do know is that I love clothes with color!  I like to mix colors and patterns together that don't necessarily match.  Most of the time I can't resist adding some trim.  My biggest challenge with sewing is to not overdo it or get too costumey.  There's always another element I want to add to the design but my husband helps me edit it. 

I also love using awesome patterns and manipulating them into looks that I need right now.  That is what I did for Project Run & Play's week 4 challenge, signature style.  I took the Sweetheart Dress by Very Shannon and used it to make some adorable princess dresses.  

But before I made their "pretty, pretty princess dresses", I whipped up a Sweetheart Dress according to pattern directions for fit.  While I was putting it together, I decided I just HAD to add trim.  The black and white fabric didn't have enough pizazz and the heart cut out needed to be highlighted.

The lace makes me swoon.  

This penguin button I had in my stash was just too perfect with the dress.  She thought it was hilarious to have a penguin on her back. 

The neon hearts on the black fabric really pop!  You might recognize the fabric from this skirt.  And of course I'm loving gold piping with black and white right now, as evidenced here.

Rock it girl!

On to the princess dresses...

Once upon a time.....I bustled the Sweetheart Dress using a tutorial from The Girl Inspired.  The girls saw a picture of the dress and requested it for their birthday.  Who am I to deny such requests!

I added some pink beaded trim and puffy sleeves to the pattern to make it extra princess-y.  The tutus underneath gave the dress great body.  I could watch them twirl in these dresses all day.  So freaking adorable.

Okay, okay, I guess that is enough pictures for one post!  I love these dresses since I made them according to my signature style (vibrant colors, trim, pattern remixing) while toning it down to produce some timeless dresses.  I'm pretty sure these are the first dresses that I've ever made in a solid color.  I like the result and am going to try to remember to keep it more simple every now and then. 
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  1. Renee - these are beautiful! I love everything about them! And my girl would flip for such a cute, girly dress!

  2. Wow, I LOVE the lace trim around the heart - adorable!!

  3. Oh, wow pretty dresses!! Your color choices are just perfect. The more "casual" version looks so sweet too. Lovely girls!

  4. I LOVE these dresses!! First of all, I love the pattern and have been eyeing it for a LONG time but have yet to purchase it and sew it up! Secondly these are my two favorite colors and they look gorgeous on your girls--great job stepping outside of the "safe" box and for being BOLD! These are really beautiful! OH and I love the gray, penguin button one also--really cute, that lacey back is a killer detail!

  5. I am a total nerd for big fluffy girls dresses!!! I love your princes dresses. SO adorable.
    And I like the trim you added around the cut out in the other dress. Very cute.

  6. Your princess dresses are so much fun, but I absolutely adore your first version. So sweet with the trim and the little hearts!

  7. Really beautiful! These princess dresses are fabulous. The first version is also adorable with that lace around the heart. You did it wonderful as always. :)

  8. Such fun princess dresses! My girls would never take them off. Ever. ;)