Monday, September 30, 2013

Summer Sweater Knit Along

I did it!  I completed two sweaters for Luvinthemommyhood's Summer Sweater Knit Along.  One was a baby sweater that was gifted and one was a man sweater.  I've made a couple of toddler sweaters before but never one for myself (except a mini bolero) or for my husband.  It was a little shocking to buy 7 skeins of yarn at the shop instead of just a couple.  To be honest, I'm pretty sure I can buy a nicer quality sweater for less in the store and will never make him one again, but at least I finally made him something!  He feels a little left out sometimes will all my sewing and knitting for the girls.

Look at that uncomfortable goofy grin.  He's so happy (not).  I think I got more of a kick out of him modeling than he did.  :)

The sweater pattern is Brownstone by Jared Flood, but I like to call it the Man Sweater.  I debated naming it the Sons of Anarchy Sweater since it was knit almost exclusively while watching all of the old seasons of the tv show.  That was some serious bonding with the husband.  The sweater pattern wasn't super complicated, just a ton of knitting.  I was so happy to finish it and stop carrying around a giant sack of yarn everywhere I went.

Nice back view ;)

The yarn is wool - Cascade 220 Heathers in Dune.  I don't love it, it's a little scratchier than I thought it would be.  It was the only manly color in the yarn shop that wasn't brown, black, or grey.  The greenish-yellow-grey suits him though.

I left off the optional toggles for a more casual look.  And really, I wanted to be done!

Every pose would look like this if he had his way!  I can't blame him, I'd rather be goofy in pics than serious too.  Funny thing - it was super difficult to get the kids to understand they weren't to be photographed.  Usually they run from the camera.  Maybe we should pretend it's daddy's photo shoot every time.

Lastly, here's my itty bitty newborn sweater made for a friend's baby.  The yarn is Plymouth Merino Superwash in coral.  I LOVE this yarn for baby items.  It knits up so well and is meant to be machine washed.  The pattern is from one of my books, Leaf and Lace patterns designed by Jeannine LaRoche. I use these patterns often for the bonnets and hats, but this is the first time I made a sweater from it.  So easy once I look my time counting.

I look forward to the next knit along.  Hopefully some works in progress are included again because I have a few that I need some motivation to finish!


  1. Hahaha - The Samcro sweater; love it! Seriously, don't know how you do it. Amazing!

    1. Ha yeah, I need to find a leather patch to slap on it. thanks!

  2. I think this sweater looks great! I recently bought some yarn for leg warmers and I was shocked at how expensive that stuff is! I can't imagine having to buy 7 skeins at once. It looks like it was worth it, though. He seems to like his new sweater :) Great job.