Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Valentines

It's week 2 of Project Sewn with the theme of sewing something PINK!  It just so happens that I had a plan for sewing myself something pink for valentine's day this week anyway (and I'm sure several other people did too).  Anyway, another week, another knit top and cotton skirt.  This wasn't my ultimate plan, but I still love the result. 

The shirt is another Plantain tee.  I had planned to make a dress following the tutorial on Deer and Doe's blog, but ran just short of fabric for the skirt portion.  I may hack up this shirt later and make one if I get more fabric, or stay with the shirt since I can wear it with a skirt or jeans.
The shirt has a special surprise in the back!  I added heart elbow patches that were personalized by my kids! :)

Over the weekend I gave the girls a square of white fabric and some pink markers and asked them to make me a valentine.  One kid was totally game and drew me all sorts of things - mostly people with long arms and legs standing up-side-down with hats on.  At least that's what she told me....

The other one sat for maybe one minute, drew a few lines and dots and said she was finished.  Good enough for me.  I cut a heart patch from each drawing and sewed them on with pink thread.

The skirt is a simple paper bag skirt with pockets that I made following Sew Caroline's sew a skirt ebook (which I won on instagram!!).  I know how to sew a skirt, but tend to forget how to get my fabric measurements and then have to go google it.  I love having this ebook to turn to when I need a refresher.  It also comes with the perfect pocket template!

And while my husband was snapping a few pics of this outfit, the girls were begging to jump in.  They even reminded me that they were wearing things I sewed them so they needed a pic taken.  Cute, and how can I say no.  We barely have any pictures of us together! 


  1. Um. That last picture is totally precious! You should make it b&w and frame it! Super cute outfit, too. I love all of your plantains!

  2. Those elbow patches are great - so special that your kids drew on them :) Congratulations on your PR&P sew-along win, well deserved.

  3. Awww... Cute picture! Love the elbow patches, too. You already know I love the skirt :)

  4. Serioiusly adorable! Love the patches (and those lace arm-warmers, haha)!

  5. yay! i love mom sewing - and that skirt is super great!!! i can't wait to sew for myself again after i have my second baby! also, i nominated you for a liebster award over on my blog!!! not sure if you've heard about it, but go check it out:

  6. This color is so flattering on you! And those patches are stellar.

  7. this is so cute and I love that your daughters got to participate!!! Thanks for linking up at Pattern Revolution!