Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wee Wander Izzy

Have you seen all the new Wee Wander fabrics?!?!  My favorite collection right now.  I snatched up a few prints as soon as I saw those horses, as the girls are in love with horses.  I'm in love with the bright colors.

I used the prints to test out the Izzy Top pattern before I made the Broken Chevron version.  I learned a bit about how to add the piping (which is neon green!) best and where to put the snap on the tab so the top is snug enough.  This version also never got topstitched along the bodice, which makes the skirt portion poof out a bit more.

I have the coral version of the horse print also, so I plan to make a matching top to avoid any bickering over who gets to wear this :) 

I also picked up the Summer Nights prints, but I may keep that fabric for myself…


  1. Renee, I LOVE this top...let me know if you want to do a custom piece or if you add this to your shop. I would love to have one for Adelynn!!!!

    1. I'll check - I might have enough fabric left over to make her one! but I think you'd love making it too :)

  2. Yay for the Wee Wander fabric! i love it, and it looks perfect on this top! Really cute Renee!

  3. Super cute fabric & the Lizzy pattern is perfectly adorable on this cutie!

  4. I've used that Izzy pattern myself, and yours is a very cute version! I like your choice of fabric, and may have to check that out soon. Great job.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  5. Gorgeous fabric and I'm a huge fan of the Izzy!

  6. The print is gorgeous and of course, another wonderful Izzy top... it's guarantee to make a great top.