Monday, April 14, 2014

ROAR shirt

A while back I purchased some fabric that just called to me from the clearance area.  I thought it was beyond awesome to be so discounted, yet I could see why no one would want it.  It's pretty LOUD.

But perfect for this little one.  See, she's obsessed with Katy Perry, particularly her song Roar.  So I knew this fabric would be the perfect "Katy Perry" shirt for her and she loved the fabric when I showed her.

However, she was pretty disappointed when I didn't add Ms. Perry to the shirt itself. ("where's her face mom?!?")  And took some convincing to try it on.  (aka a lollipop)

It drives me crazy when I think I got a sewing home run and then have to hear they won't wear it.  Hopefully in time she'll get over it and love it as much as me!  Or maybe her sister will humor me, cause I love the little shirt and it's attitude.

BTW, the pattern is the Eleanor Dress/Top.  I added a little ruffle band to the bottom on the fly.

Tomorrow will be another day where this shirt will turn into her favorite, but just in case, I better start trying to iron-transfer Katy Perry's face to a tee...

Update:  She loves the shirt and wore it for days!  Though she tells everyone that compliments her on it that mommy messed up and next time Katy Perry will be on it.  


  1. Haha, I love the pic where she's roaring! I'm with you though - awesome fabric & I love the ruffled trim you added. Super cute!

  2. That is a fun print you picked! It is hilarious she wanted the singer's face on too...they think mommy can do anything, don't' they???? Great photos!

  3. That is hilarious! I love that fabric...awesome shirt!