Monday, June 9, 2014

Flannel Negroni - Just in time for...Summer?

Ever love and hate a sewing pattern at the same time?  Yeah, that's how I feel about the Negroni shirt.

Construction of this shirt started several months ago in December.  It was a Christmas gift for my husband.  Good thing it wasn't his only present, because this project was a fail.  Lets go back 6 months...

It seemed okay at first...I worked really hard matching the pattern of the flannel and cut the back and pockets on the bias for some interest.  After spending over 10 hours (probably more) constructing the pattern ever so slowly, I was sure I had made the best thing ever.

The collar was awesome, I had made perfect sleeve plackets and there were nicely sewn flat felled seams everywhere.  My machine magically sewed 9 buttonholes without jamming up.  I tried it on and wished it was in my size (maybe I'll make an Archer now?).  I was so happy about this shirt - until my husband tried it on.

Turns out I had made the shirt with two left sleeves.  Doh!  How could I have overlooked that?!?!

Another major mistake - the button holes were placed down the front over an inch too far from where they should have been.  This made the button placket turn into a giantly weird front flap.

Doesn't seem like a lot of mistakes to fix, but the shirt was finished.  Everything was nice and crisp and the pattern matched beautifully.  I didn't want to touch it.  But the shirt was unwearable.  So after 6 months of giving it the side eye as it sat near my cutting area to be redone, I decided to tackle it.

Now it sports a left and a right sleeve, and has a fixed (but not quite right) button placket.  I didn't change how far over the shirt overlapped, I just sliced off the extra flap, ironed the sides under and then topstitched it down.

Even after the fixes, it turns out the shirt is still just a wearable muslin (at least I hope it gets worn) because the sleeve length and shoulder placement is a little big.  I plan to try the pattern again in the short sleeve version once I find some shirting fabric I like.  Next time should be a breeze, right?  At least I sure learned a lot, and dipped my toes into a little more men's sewing.


  1. looks awesome. And if your husband doesn't wear it, you should steal it and add it to your closet!

  2. It looks great! And the next one should be much easier. Way to go! And I agree with Teresa, you should definitely steal this!

  3. its nice to see some sewing projects for the boys. the shirt looks great. Nice fabric choice and, as per the previous post, the next one should be easier