Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pleated Pencil Skirt

I have a lot of new things I've been sewing to share this week, but first up is this newly released pattern from Delia Creates!  The pleated pencil skirt.

I love this skirt!!!  I've made myself a pencil skirt before by using my measurements, but it wasn't nearly as flattering as this pattern.

The skirt hugs the body from the natural waist down to just below the knee.  It's form fitting yet movable in.  There are two darts in the front, and two in the back with a kick pleat.

Who knew kick pleats were so simple?!?!  Really, I've always thought they were really complicated but it was no prob.

I was a lucky tester for this pattern and wasn't sure if the fit would be perfect for my body type the first time around so I used some strange fabric from a pile I have inherited from my husband's grandmother.  The fabric is woven with absolutely no stretch and frays like crazy when cut.  It's home decor-like weight and kinda looks like textured leather.  I wish I knew what it was cause it's pretty cool, but the tag on it was in Japanese (really) so who knows.

Did I mention the skirt is lined?  I used to think that lining skirts and dresses was annoying and a hassle but lately I've realized it really is so much better in quality when you add lining to the garment.  Plus it's sometimes easier to construct with lining than without.  I feel like I'm always learning and refining my sewing, which is great!

Anyway - go check out Delia's versions of the pattern here.  The floral one is just gorgeous!


  1. Renee, it's gorgeous and looks amazing! I totally thought the fabric was leather. And I didn't know kick pleats were so easy either. I love learning new sewing techniques.

    1. Thanks April! It's funny how simple the pattern is yet taught me a lot of new techniques.

  2. Super cute!! I thought it was leather, too! Can't wait to see what other goodies you've sewn up recently :)

    1. Thanks Nikki! It feel like leather too - pretty I need a reason to wear it out ;)