Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon Shirts (and KCW wrap up)

The last week has been immensely productive (sewing wise at least)!  I thought I'd only manage to get Halloween costumes finished, but just kept going at it and managed to get most of my Kids Clothes Week list finished.  The things on my list were items my girls have been requesting for some time. 

They were:
  • Batman shirt
  • Wonder Woman shirt
  • Leggings
  • Dragon shirts
  • Dragon pants
  • Dragon pjs
  • Dragon jacket
  • anything dragon! ;)
They are a little dragon obsessed, can you tell?  I'm still working on the dragon jacket, but I managed to get the rest finished, along with two Elsa dresses for some friends.  It helps that most of the items were sewn with knit or fleece and I was able to use the serger.  I also used some of the same patterns over and over.  The Elsa and superhero outfits were made using the Pretty in Peplum pattern (love it!).  If I ever get some decent pics I hope to blog about my modifications.  Here's some pics from my instagram feed of some KCW duds.

But back to the dragon shirts!  

I love playing around with bleach and freezer paper stencils to make graphic tees.  So far I've only used it to write with here and here, but with these tees I used a spray bottle.  

To make the look, I first cut out a freezer paper stencil using this image.  Once the dragon was cut out, I ironed it on the shirt well, shiny side down.

Then prepped the shirt by putting some more freezer paper inside of it (to prevent bleach bleeding to the back).  The bleach was delicately sprayed on - only took 3 sprays to get the starry look.  After 10 minutes I rinsed the bleach out and then hung it dry.  That's it!!!  If the bleach looks like it's taking too well to your fabric and spreading out, just rinse it out earlier than 10 minutes.  

This other dragon shirt did not turn out like expected.  The stencil was not ironed on well enough and the bleach ran under it, creating a different image of Toothless (the Night Fury dragon) than I wanted.  It's kinda like an inkblot test or magic eye picture to me - I see either the image I was going for or the image that turned out depending on how long I stare :)

The shirts pair so well with the tribal leggings I made with the Go To Leggings pattern!  Fabric is from Girl Charlee and it's wonderfully soft and perfectly stretchy.

I used the leggings pattern to make the dragon pants in fleece.  I just added an extra inch of wiggle room to the pattern legs.  Next time I'll add an inch to the back rise too.

The fleece was used again to make some sorely needed Pjs.  I tried out the Classic Footed Pjs pattern and it worked out great!  It was way more straight forward to make these than I expected.  I went with the half zip version since I couldn't find a zipper longer than 22" locally.

I used gold puff paint to make the bottoms non-slip with a dragon fire symbol.  

With all their clothing wishes getting fulfilled lately, they're starting to think that mama can make them anything.  And they also expect it immediately...and to their exact specifications.  I was just reminded again that I haven't finished a dragon jacket as promised.  The list is starting to grow again!  ;)


  1. Wow that is a lot of sewing for one week! Great projects, I am going to try that bleach shirt (may be even with a similar print, I have another dragon lover here)

    1. The bleach shirt is my favorite thing lately. She lights up every time she wears it :)

  2. Replies
    1. It was from JoAnn Fabrics. I found it in store but haven't seen it online.