Friday, October 25, 2013

KCW Day ? - Shirt Painting

Who likes super fuzzy phone pics?  cause that's all I've managed to get for some of the items I've worked on lately for Kids Clothes Week.  I didn't sew the shirts above, but I gave them some Halloween spirit with some paint! 

These came about after I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween.  I've received a different answer every day since.  Note to self, don't ask when there are too many options.  Decide for them.  But I have heard a few times from one of them that she wanted to be a spider.  I don't believe her since she runs from real spiders, so I didn't really want to commit to that costume.  Instead I decided to make her a spider shirt.  I was planning on taking a black tee that she owned already and sew some white yarn to it, but I came across a different idea while searching - bleach writing!

I started off by shoving some cardboard inside the shirt and drawing a basic web design with some chalk.  I didn't have a bleach pen, so I just dipped a q-tip into a bowl of bleach and traced back over my chalk drawing.

I wasn't sure how I felt about the look but I kept going with it.

And this is what it looked like when I finished.  The bleach had turned the black into an orange-red color that was ok, but not what I wanted.  Plus my web was dominating the shirt a bit so I was worried this was a FAIL.  After a couple minutes I washed it with soap and man, what a difference!  It suddenly turned more white, though leaving a little orange tint in places.  Much better!

This shirt was made for my girl who is always running around the house with a cape yelling "I'm Batman" and telling me random things about bats, like how they use sound to help Diego through the maze (see, tv can be educational...sometimes).  I used some black and orange fabric paint and freehanded this with a tiny brush while watching tv.  I normally would made a freezer paper stencil for this project but I was too lazy.  Luckily it turned out well even though I'm not much of a painter.

I also painted a couple other items - here's a sneak peak. 
I hope to make one more, take some quality pics, and possibily type up a tutorial - we'll see!

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