Saturday, November 8, 2014

Stormfly Tank

Yesterday I showed you a flipped Everyday Tank to hooded fur vest, today I wanted to share a regular version.  Well, a "regular version" as in I followed the pattern instructions to make a tank.  A Stormfly themed one!  This girl asked me to make all her clothes to be dragon themed.  Her fall wardrobe is slowly getting there.  

I love the color blocking ability of the pattern.  The shirt colors are the main ones on the dragon Stormfly's tail.  I used some yellow ruffle knit on the side panels and the effect is pretty fun!  The girls think the tank looks like a fish with the ruffles, which works because dragons love fish.  

This is another bleached tee I attempted to make with a freezer paper stencil, but didn't turn out exactly how I planned.  The blue knit took to the sprayed on bleach a little too well, which is why the bleached area is all white instead of speckles of white.  BTW, the stencil was hand drawn and cut to be a side profile of the dragon.  I used one of their toys as a model when designing it.

She loves it, and was pretending to be a dragon in most of the pics, even giving me some dragon calls :)  Be warned, this is not the last dragon themed sewn item I will share.  I can't help but indulge this obsession, it really is a good collection of movies/tv episodes!

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