Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Catching Up

It's been a while since I last blogged.  I've had bits of time here or there but no motivation.  I've been sewing every day, but wasn't feeling like continuing the constant cycle of photographing and editing, then typing up something worth reading.  I also found that I wasn't focusing on family or enjoying daily life like I want to because I was always slightly stressed out about some projects I wanted to get started.  I think the solution isn't to sew or blog less (but I probably will), rather than to be more organized.  So better organization (of everything!) is what I am striving for this new year.

On to catching up!  Back in November our family took our biggest road trip yet to Horse Pens 40, Alabama to camp and do lots of climbing.  Before we went I noticed the girls were lacking in warm fall jackets, so of course I sewed some up instead of buying them.  I used the High Five Hoodie pattern and let the girls pick out fleece from JoAnns.  One is How to Train Your Dragon fabric (of course) and the other is Marie fabric (from the movie the Aristocats).

The pattern isn't as complicated as I imagined a jacket would be.   The steps were broken down well.  I didn't even need the directions to sew the second jacket after doing it once.  I love the fit of the pattern - roomy and a little long, but yet just right.  They should be able to wear these next year.  

I lined the insides, including the sleeves, with faux fur.  A layer of nylon ripstop is sandwiched between the fleece and the fur in the bodice, to help provide some wind protection.  It kept them pretty warm!

The climbing part of the vacation went incredibly well!  We've been waiting for the day that the girls were ready to go bouldering without getting too bored or walking off the edge of a boulder.  

They love climbing a little too well - we couldn't keep them off the rock.  That meant I did a lot more spotting and a lot less climbing, but it's worth it to see them excited.

I even made them their own chalk bags before we left.  Chalk bags are incredibly easy to make (used this tutorial)!  I'm never buying one again.

The last thing I have to share about are some crocheted hats.  I worked on the Toothless hat every night while sitting by the camp fire.  The hat was made by combining free patterns for pig, cow, and cat hat patterns.  The eyes aren't quite right, but it works.  After I completed that hat, a paw patrol inspired hat was requested - below is a Chase hat.  

They also had me make a Skye and Rubble hat.  We received so many compliments on them that I started selling them in the Etsy shop.  Keeping up with hat orders for Christmas delivery took up a lot of my spare time in December.  I'm so grateful!  I also started selling a Ryder (from paw patrol) inspired vest after my girls loved one I made for them.  Orders for the vest have been keeping me pretty busy sewing every night lately.  

As I squeeze in some selfish sewing projects in between Etsy sewing, I plan to continue to blog about them.  So you may hear from me very frequently or not at all for a month, depending on life circumstances.  I'm going to try to relax and not stress about sewing every idea I have right away - we'll see how that works out as I try to find some balance and also organize!

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