Friday, May 2, 2014

Caroline Party Dresses

I've been meaning to post about these dresses for 2 weeks...actually, I've been meaning to post about several things lately, but life is a moving puzzle right now.  

The biggest change:  I quit my day job as an Environmental Engineer to become a stay at home mom!  I've been working for 10 years and even achieved a professional license, yet I did not enjoy it anymore.  It was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made.

I'm pretty sure it was a smart move :)

The Etsy shop is also what has changed up my blogging pace.  I just can't say no when some one tells me they need a dress for their daughter ASAP for their birthday.  So shop sewing has pushed fun or selfish sewing to the side.  But the girls had to have some new dresses for Easter, right?

Good thing the Caroline Party Dress pattern is super easy though fancy enough for special occasions!    

This pic is different from the rest because it was taken on Easter.  They were super excited to get these dresses and were ready to go find some eggs (and candy)!

The blue dress is a basic Caroline with gathered tulle attached to the lining.  I love how the tulle is between the lining and the dress, so it protects their skin from any tulle itchiness.  The inside lining is an awesome yellow and grey floral that she picked out because yellow is lately her favorite color.  I really regret not adding yellow piping to the dress!

Actually they both picked out their fabrics from my stash - I think they did a great job and the fabric definitely matches their personalities.  

The floral one is a Caroline with peter pan collar and no tulle.  I also made her a couple different sashes to pair with it.  

In other minor life changing news:  We got chickens!  For egg laying - two golden comets, an ameraucana, and three silkies that are still itty bitty and not yet in the coop the hubby built.  Life at home sure is busier than expected!  


  1. Good luck with your big life changes!! These two dresses are just precious, your girls look gorgeous :)

  2. The dresses are beautiful and your girls are adorable! Best wishes to your life change!

  3. I love BOTH dresses...but the butterfly one is my favorite. If you put that on your shop I would scoop it up in a heartbeat!

    1. Ha, not sure if I'm allowed to sell it, but a birthday is coming up for a little girl I know.

  4. So cute! I added piping to mine and I goofed and you couldn't even see it. Congrats on the chickens, new job (SAHM is totally my hardest job) and busyness with your Etsy shop!