Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sewing for me

So now that I'm a SAHM, what I decide to wear each day has a lot more possibilities!  And that includes wearing a lot of jeans, not just on Friday.  Which also means that I can wear (and sew) a lot more casual tops in knit.  

I had purchased the Just Add Jeans collection of patterns from Pattern Anthology but never got around to sewing any of them up because it usually takes me forever to make myself an item.  But it turns out these two patterns are pretty quick since they are knit and I can use my serger.

I made this Parisian top with a thin mint sweater knit and used a woven cotton floral for the collar.  My favorite feature is the puff sleeves.  I love it, but next time I think using a sturdier knit would make an even better top.

The other pattern I tried out is this Daytripper Top.  I used a double sided knit with polka dots on one side and stripes on the other.  Anyone else have a heck of a time choosing between dots and stripes?!?!  I've come to the conclusion that I prefer dots, but still added a bit of the stripe in the waistband and shoulder tabs.

I cut a size medium with a longer hem which was a mistake for this heavy and stretchy knit.  So while is is beyond comfortable, it quickly looses shape after wearing it for a few hours.  I've also made the medium in a woven which was still a little big, so I think I could get away with a small.  Though I think this pattern was made to be a little relaxed.  

The most fun part is the addition of pockets in the side seams.  The pockets have already been useful for carrying treats during photo shoots of the kids clothes :)

Overall I would definitely recommend trying these two patterns, but listen to the fabric recommendations!  Can't wait to try the Wildflower top next ~  it's all cut out and ready to be sewn, if the kids ever take a nap that is...


  1. I hope you're enjoying your new job title Renee! We are going in opposite ways, after 3 years at home, I'm about to start a new job. These are great - I love the Parisian, I can't wait to try this pattern too :)

    1. Good luck with the new job!!! It's going good at home - not easy but better than before!