Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pocketful of Rainbows

Don't laugh.  These are maybe the kookiest thing I've ever come up with.  They look like the kind of shorts Rainbow Brite would wear if she wore shorts.  Or maybe they remind you of where the Carebears live?  They may be a little different, but are really cute when you put them on an adorable kid.  

I made these shorts for the Flip this Pattern series that started this month.  It's a yearlong series that I hope to sew along to each month.  It's a great reason to try out new patterns that I may not be sure of.  These shorts are by Elegance & Elephants - the Bubble Pocket Shorts.  It takes a lot for me to commit to buying a pattern, but this is one that I'm excited I did.  The instructions are great and the shorts are so unique!  It makes sense that they chose to Flip this pattern first in the series, since the way it is constructed makes it easy to change up.  

The only thing I changed was the look of the shorts.  I wanted the pockets to look like clouds, and have a rainbow connecting them.  I found this really cute white lace in the Red-Tag area of Jo-Ann's and thought it really looked like clouds.  I made the pockets by cutting out the lace the size of the pockets and overlaying it to the blue cotton fabric.  The contrasting waistline hiding inside is the same butterfly fabric I used for this romper.

I made the rainbow by ironing on ribbon to some no-sew Heat N' Bond, and cutting it to fit the side panels of the shorts.  Then I ironed them onto the shorts.  I decided not to top stitch because I've had good experience so far with appliqués using this method and haven't had any peel off.  I then continued to follow the pattern instructions.

So that's my "Flip"!  She loves the roomy pockets and I love the patten!  Now I know why so many of these shorts have been popping up all over the internet.  More pics because I had so many to choose from....

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  1. had me at the first paragraph! HILARIOUS!!! When the first photo popped up, I completely saw the rainbow and cloud concept. WELL DONE! So glad to see {and read} that you'll be sewing along with us this year!!

    1. Thanks, and thanks for having the series!

  2. Ha! These rainbow and cloud shorts are just too cute!

  3. I love the shorts and I have been a huge fan of rainbow bright since I was little. I wish my mom had made something like that for me back then.

  4. I think these are so fun! I can't wait to make more of these this summer!