Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall KCW - 1st Bimaa!

Fall Kids Clothes Week started Monday!  This is the week were it seems like everyone who blogs about sewing is able to complete an outfit or more a day and I wonder how in the world they do it.  The week is supposed to be about dedicating an hour a day to sewing/creating for your kids and I'm going to try to stick to that rather than lose my mind.

So my goals are to sew up a Bimaa shirt (or two) and at least one pair of Skinny Jeans.  I had printed and cut out my patterns on Sunday, so I was ready to start cutting fabric and sewing on Monday.  I started with a Bimaa - the cowl neck version.  I've seen so many awesome versions out there already and everyone raves about how quick and easy it is so I was pretty excited.  They are not wrong!  It turned out so great!  I used a zebra thermal for the shirt and black knit with sparkly gold flecks for the cowl.  The arms and waist are black ribbing.  I should've pattern matched a little better at the seams - I centered a line of zebras down the middle instead.  There are a few decapitated zebras and random appendages...oh well!

I was not able to get the best pictures since it was almost bedtime.  The shirt took a little longer than it should have because my serger was not loving me.  I had to keep threading and checking it and I have no idea why it was being so finicky.  I finally gave up (though I was almost finished) and went for a run to get the kids, even though I already ran that day for exercise.  I was just that stressed and angry with the machine.  Running with the girls did the trick!  I came home and fixed the thread one last time and it was smooth sailing.  The pattern really is that straight forward and fun to sew!  

I plan to sew another Bimaa in a fun cat print.  Hopefully all with go well and I can get decent pics this week of the girls in them together! 

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