Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Sewn - Signature Style for Fall

Coming in close to the wire is my sew-along look for Project Sewn's final week - themed Signature Style.  My signature style for the fall season usually includes lots of skinny jeans paired with boots (which my husband dubs the "robin hood look") and layers.

Ever since they announced the theme I knew I would try to sew up a peplum variation of the Coffee Date Dress.  What better way to end this season of sewing along then to finish with the same pattern we all started with.  I just love the pattern and the ruffles.  I've worn a shirt with some sort of ruffle on it every day this week, so I know it's my thing.  Since I already made the dress, I was confident in giving a go at a shirt.  This is the only peplum shirt I have so it's a nice change to my wardrobe.

The fabric is some floral linen I had left over from my Tinny Flip

I sewed up the bodice according to the pattern and then attached a circle skirt to it.  I got crazy and experimented with my rolled hem presser foot for the first time to make the bottom a little flowy/bouncy.  Not sure if I'll do it again unless I have to - it was so much work!  I thought it would take less time but it took a lot more concentration.

I also whipped up a slouchy knit hat for the look.  I've used the pattern to make gifts, but this is the first one I've decided to keep.  It's a really fun and easy hat to make if you like knitting and purling over and over.

Back shot.  I'm pretty happy with my invisible zipper skills lately.

I had planned to make some purple skinny corduroys for this look but I didn't receive my pattern in the mail in time.  I'll still make them soon since I need some new pants for my boots.

Welp.  That concludes my Project Sewn sewing along this season.  It's always gratifying to make something for myself, especially when someone compliments it and then freaks when you say you made it.  Looking forward to the next season!

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  1. I love this top - your fabric choice is perfect!!

  2. what a great idea to do the coffee date dress as a top. I think I like it better that way.

  3. In love with this! The fabric is beautiful, could you make one for me? LOL

  4. I love this a lot too! And the print is amazing, I love making Summer prints look like Fall. Great job :)

  5. I am so in love with this top! Seasonless...and absolutely beautiful!

  6. Looks great! I'm so curious about what pattern you ordered for the pants? I haven't jumped into pant sewing for myself, but I'd love to!

  7. That fabric is gorgeous! I love that you shortened the coffee date dress into a peplum. It looks so great! I LOVE the robin hood for Fall! I won't tell my husband that because he'll start calling me that all the time!