Sunday, October 20, 2013

Flipped Sunki


Oh my, the Sunki dress is so cool!  I'm glad it was the pattern to be FLIPPED in October over at FrancesSuzanne, but man was it tough to flip.  I like the design already as is - the racer back-like front and pockets, the pleated sleeves, and wrap over shoulder seams.  So my changes to the pattern were very minor.

First I decided to make the back zipper extend the entire length of the dress and be exposed.  I also added some blue piping to define it.

Isn't the fabric so cool?  I bought it at JoAnn almost a year ago.  It's thin corduroy in a crazy animal print.  You know how they usually ask you what you're using the fabric for when they cut it?  Well the lady cutting it thought it was pretty ridiculous and gave me the side eye for saying it would be for toddler apparel.  She said "well I guess kids look cute in anything".  So true.  But I also think you can make any fabric look good with the right pattern.

The contrasting pocket fabric is Violet Craft, Waterfront Park, Reflection Luna from the Fabricworm.  The pockets were the most difficult part of the pattern instructions to figure out.  They are also accented with blue piping.  I'm glad instagram folks talked me into taking apart the seams I had already finished and adding it!

The other minor change I made to the pattern was to add a stand up overlapping collar.  I wanted it to echo the shoulder overlap and add to the structural urban design of the dress.  Also - I switched the overlap of the shoulder seams to the front over the back so the lines wouldn't compete with the collar.

It was a little tough to photograph.  I maybe should've used the contrasting fabric?  This little one wasn't tough to photograph though.  Give her a tiara and suddenly she's hamming it up. 

And asking me to get a picture of her "being nice" with her sister.  

So there's my FLIP!  Check out the others sewing along here.

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  1. The "Joann's Lady" comment was hilarious! Ummmm, how about: thanks for doing business with us?? Or, without customers like you, I wouldn't have a job....

    What a fun, crazy dress!! I'll have to remember the tiara trick for an upcoming photoshoot!

  2. Fun dress...and nice collar detail!

  3. Cute! I love the extended back zipper!
    I have the same print in knit. The Joann lady did not say anything to me, but maybe she was thinking the same thing ;)