Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving Past

Another holiday is on the way, which means another reason for a fun outfit to sew.  However, the outfits that I made the girls last year still fit.  So I can check that one off the list and focus on Christmas!

I usually would be sad that I no longer have a reason to sew, but these skirts are special to me.  They are the first ones I have ever sewn!  That's right, I've only been sewing for a year now (though blogging less than that).  These simple skirts were a gateway to an obsession that I can't quit.

I made the skirts using a tutorial from Riley Blake after a friend had sent me a link.  I hadn't touched my machine for years before making these.  It's interesting to look at the construction of these and see how much I've learned.

The shirts are plain ones from Old Navy that I personalized with the girls handprints.  I then turned them into turkeys with some puff paint.  I used some heat n bond to adhere the cut out hands.  I had intended to peel them off and add new ones this year, but their hands are pretty close to the same size as last year.  Go figure.  Now all I have to do to these outfits is maybe sew around the hand edges to make them more permanent.

I dont' think I'll get so lucky again next year and will have to make some new outfits, but I think it would be fun to make it a tradition to have turkey-handprint shirts and simple skirts for each thanksgiving.  Until they think it's no longer cool at least!

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  1. What?!? You've only been sewing outfits for a year?! Dang girl - I was always impressed but I also assumed you had been doing this for years! Wow. Also, such a cute idea for an outfit tradition!

    1. Ha Thanks! I attempted sewing several times throughout the years, but it never clicked until I made these skirts.

  2. how super cute and looks like lots of fun memories are the best gift
    come see us at

  3. Those are so cute! I never would've guessed they were your first! They look like they love them too!

  4. What a great idea with the handprints! I love the colors on them, and agree with everyone else! Great job with your first projects and YAY to them still fitting!!