Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hosh Pants - 80s style

So 80's fashion is still in, right?  Maybe?  I never thought I'd make pants with fabric like this.  It all started when I went on travel recently during a cold spell here and received a simple text from my husband - "The girls need pants".  Challenge accepted.

As soon as I got home I bought the Hosh Pants pattern.  I had been looking for an excuse to get it for some time - seemed like the perfect slim pants for my tiny kids.  Then one of the girls went with me to the fabric store to pick out some fabric.  She was drawn right away to the gold and black snakeskin-like fabric and threw it right into the cart.  I protested but she was adamant, so I went with it.  Then she picked out the faded jean fabric with roses and white polka dots.  No way I told her, over and over.  It looked ridiculously dated to me.  But she was again determined to get it - it's "just like the Beast's rose" she said.  I tried to direct her to a different floral, but she then reminded me I told her she could pick two and she did.  How could I argue?

The pattern is as awesome as I had hoped and I finished both pairs in less than a 2hr nap.  The only thing I'm not sure about is how baggy they are in the back.  Forgive the blurry pick - it's the best I got.

I think in the future I may have to cut the pattern with a 3T length but smaller waist.  Or slash out some of the back.  But I may not have to make another pair for a while, since I found an entire tub full of hand-me-down 3T winter clothes (including lots of pants) that I forgot existed.  Ooops.


  1. Those are both super cute! Your girls have good taste in fabric!

    1. Ha thanks - they can see potential better than me for sure!