Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final KCW outfits!

So I got busy the final couple days of Kids Clothes Week and cranked out a couple cute dresses for the girls!  I also got crazy and made myself a dress - with knit!  The dress is the The Casual Lady pattern.  It should've been pretty easy to make once cut out, but I was working with some really thin knit.  But I had to make it work.  And I matched all the stripes at the seams.  I never match fabric patterns at the seams.  It is pretty comfortable and I love the mint color!

I love this chicken fabric!  I don't have the name off hand, but I ordered all the kids' fabric from the fabricworm and my knit from Girl Charlee.  I made the dress using the Party Dress pattern for the bodice and then added sleeves by tracing the arm holes and adding an extra 2 inches for them to ruffle up.  I also had some red piping that I wanted to try out, so I split the bodice in half to add some chicken fabric with the flowers.  (oops, didn't line up the chickens well)  I think I was most excited to add the lace I had on the sleeves.

I forgot to add loops to the back for buttons so I put a zipper in the back.

This bee and honeycomb fabric was so beautiful too!  I stared at my materials until this variation of the dress hit me.  More lace, more buttons, and more ruffles!

I had so much fun with these dresses.  They remind me of summer and going to the farm to get our veggies.  Can't wait until that starts up again.

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