Saturday, April 27, 2013

KCW again - stamped outfits

It's close to the end of KCW and I've been trying to learn some new skills while the girls get some cute outfits.  I already posted one picture of this Cinderella stamped dress.  Here's a close up of the Cinderella and metallic blue paint.  I love the imperfections and where I put too much or too little paint on the stamp.  This paint really shines!  Not sure if it will hold up to a lot of washes though. 

I made a faux romper with the other stamped shirt.  I wanted to make a real romper, but wasn't sure if that would impeed potty breaks.  So I made a shirt with elastic bottom and some shorts to get the look.  I kept the neckline and sleeves casual by not finishing them off - plus I got a little lazy knowing that this was white and bound to get stained soon.

Not totally in love with the stamp on a white shirt.  I think the shorts are really awesome by themselves though, so I know we'll use them.

I'm finishing up the week making some really awesome dresses so pics to come!

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