Friday, May 10, 2013

So Much Knitting

Finally!  This dress took me forever.

I found this Sweet Bluebells pattern many months ago on ravelry and got to knitting right away.  I think I finished 1/2 of it within a couple weeks and then set it down to focus on sewing projects instead.  Every once in a while I'd start up again while watching tv, but I wasn't too motivated because it seemed like it was turning out to be way too big for the girls to wear.  Therefore, I didn't do as many increases as the pattern called for.

Back with fabric covered button closure.

Every time I thought that I was almost finished, I'd hold it up to the girls and realize they had grown.  So I quickly wrapped it up and decided it would be a tunic/short dress.  I might embellish the bluebells some day, but I need a break from this dress. 

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