Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vintage and Lace

That's pony hair in her mouth.
So Skirt As Top and Craftiness is Not Optional have been running a series called Vintage May this past month and have encouraged others to sew along.  I had some fabric that I purchased from Joann's a few months ago that I knew would be perfect.  It reminds me of the type of dresses Cindy on the Brady Bunch would wear.

I made the dress using the Party Dress pattern from the Cottage Mama for the bodice and extending it out in an A line shape to the length I wanted.  I love the party dress pattern and think it is a great basic bodice.

I then traced around the neckline to make a pattern for the angled collar.  I added a zipper to the back instead of buttons for a more streamlined look.

I also thought some trapezoid-shaped pockets would be cute and functional for some mini pony toys.

This skirt was made with some lace left over from my 80s inspired top that I made during the Project Sewn sew along.  I attached it to some cute Riley Blake dot fabric.  I tried to give the top of it the gathered "paper bag" look, but decided against loops and a sash.  I also uploaded it to the Skirt Week  pool.  I probably should've made it a little shorter, but I make everything a size too big hoping it will last longer!  

 And now get ready for some monster faces!

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  1. Hi Renee,

    I love the dress! Especially with the cute shoes! Here in Australia winter is coming, but with tights and a cardigan it will also be lovely. Thank you for the inspiration and happy sewing!


    1. Thanks so much - it would be sweet with a cardigan and tights, hopefully this lasts into fall!

  2. I love the Cindy Brady dress! The collar is perfect! Nice work.

    1. Thanks - it's the first time I've tried a collar like this and I'm so happy with the result!