Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mini Boden Tshirt Knock-off

Elegance and Elephants has been running a series this month called Knock it Off where you try to replicate something you've seen that you love, possibly in a store or online.  I waited until the last possible minute to participate.  I saw this T-shirt over at Mini Boden and knew I had to make it!  You see, "super duper" is one of the phrases that the girls like to say and we think is absolutely adorable.  I had no idea it was a popular enough phrase to sell on a t-shirt.

I didn't sew anything for this shirt - just used iron on sequins and paint to replicate the look.  I printed out the phrase and cut out a freezer paper stencil, then painted some of the letters.  Then I ironed on the sequins to make the rest of the letters.  I already owned the sequins and paint from other projects, so the cost of this look was just the shirt ($4).  However, if I add the cost of the sequins and paint, this look would cost under $15.  That is compared to the Boden shirt that is $24.  I saved $9 - not bad!

Because I can never just make one item for the girls to share, I made another shirt with the phrase "Awesome" (another thing they love to say).  If I ever get a picture of them in these I'll update this post.  They saw the shirts when they were drying and were very excited to wear them!

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