Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Day 1 & 2

Kids Clothes week started on Monday and I jumped right into churning out some outfits that night.  The first night I made a tank dress that I self drafted.

I had made a similar beach cover up for myself before vacation and had just enough fabric left over to make matching outfits.  Though that is kinda cheesy and we will probably never wear them at the same time.

On Day 2 I put together a bubble skirt using a free pattern from Straight Grain.

I had a difficult time getting a photo of the skirt.

My skirt model was camera shy.

I love the bubble skirt!  Here's the hidden yellow and gray bird print I used for a lining.  I love how all the seams are hidden in this skirt - it looks so professional that way.  I guess we can be twinsies too if I ever wear my Monet Skirt at the same time as her bubble skirt. 

Day 3 I hope to finish up a couple of simple sundresses in some cute popsicle fabric, but we'll see what happens!


  1. I think the matching dresses is adorable! I like the high low hemline on yours!

    1. Thanks! she loved matching more than I would've guessed.

  2. Love the bubble skirt. And you are such a good time management mom, I did finished only 1 dress during this KCW.

    1. Thanks! I should probably focus on just one next time. I've made three other dresses this week and have made so many mistakes!