Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Roller Skate Dress FLIP

I knew that I just HAD to participate again in the FLIP this pattern sew along.  It is so fun to use some creativity to change up great patterns into something different.  The pattern to be "flipped" this month is the Oliver + S roller skate dress or tunic sewing pattern.  I was planning on making an Ariel dress as my "flip", but felt like that wasn't really an innovative way to use the pattern.  We also had a vacation coming up and I didn't have time for making dresses - I had to make some sun hats and towel cover ups quickly before we left.  So I gave up thinking about how to flip the pattern and decided I'd have to skip this month.  But then I realized that the roller skate pattern would be perfect for making towel cover ups!  Crazy how things come together sometimes.

This was my first time sewing an Oliver + S pattern and I was a little nervous because I had read that they are not for beginners.  But it was only a few pattern pieces and the instructions were pretty detailed so I gave it a try!  

After a successful trip to Walmart to find some interesting looking towels in the girls' favorite colors, I got to sewing.  I'll post again later on how these towel dresses/jackets came together, but for now I'll just overload you with pictures! (update:  how to posted here)

I made the cover ups using the size 3T View A dress pattern pieces.  I read the pattern instructions thoroughly, but didn't follow many of them.  First, I decided that the towel dresses/jackets had to have hoods!

Since I added hoods and didn't add a button closure to the back (like the pattern instructs), I decided to add some zippers so that the girls would be able to get them on and off easily - especially when wet.  And what kid doesn't love zippers?  So I cut the front piece in half and added zippers that went the entire length.

Another change up is that I didn't add any lining fabric.  I thought that would take away the drying ability of the towel.  Instead, I added bias tape to the arm holes and bottom hem to finish them off.  All the other raw edges were finished with a zig-zag stitch.  

The final difference between these cover ups and the original pattern is that I didn't add the elastic waist.  I think they would've been really cute with an empire elastic waist, but I like the shape of them without it.  So I decided to nix the extra step.

Again, I am so glad that the FLIP this pattern series is going on, or else I wouldn't have thought to make these using a dress pattern.  The cover ups would've probably been a little more boring and a lot less stylish!

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  1. These are cute! I was considering something similar but didn't thing of adding hoods. your little ones are very cute :)

  2. These are adorable! I'm sure they will get lots of use this summer!

  3. What a perfect answer to your present needs and wants! Those hooded towel cover-ups are too, too cute!! Looks like your girls LOVE them too. Way to think out of the box on this one...great FLIP!

  4. Such a fun idea!! They turned out great :)

  5. They are super - so practical and fun! I love the idea of 'flipping' the pattern and will go and have a look at some other projects now!

  6. Those cover-ups are really cute and I can tell your little girls love them. Cute, cute.

  7. SUPER CUTE!!!!
    Awesome post!
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    Hugs, Cathy

  8. So sweet, and so practical! I love what you did with the pattern!

  9. I can't wait to see how you put these together. We're stationed in Hawaii and I've always wanted to make my own beach cover ups!

    I found you at Nap Time Crafters Friday Favs. Following you on BlogLovin!


    1. Thanks, hopefully I'll have a follow up post soon! I have to recheck some measurements.

  10. Congratulations for being one of the fantastic five of July. Your works are really fantastic!