Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Time for Sparklers!

Their red, white, and blue outfits are complete!  I finished the romper last week and the dress above on Sunday.  The fabrics I used were from Girl Charlee (Red Nautical Flag Stripe on White Jersey Rayon Spandex and Vintage Revival White Dot on Blue Cotton Spandex), which seem to be sold out.  I really loved sewing with the polka fabric and the striped fabric had a beautiful drape.  The dress was made using the comfy-knit-dress tutorial from lbg-studio.  I've been excited to try the tutorial for weeks.  Get ready for picture overload, since I was pretty happy with the results......

The dress is for a 2/3T and fits pretty loose.  I bet it would fit her sister better, but she wouldn't give it up!  She loved how it moved when she twirled.

And when she jumped!

And when she was running from the camera...

As I was gathering and pinning all. that. fabric. for the ruffled tiers, I kept reminding myself that it was going to look fabulous.  I think the lines in the red and white fabric and the design of the dress replicate the waving of the flag.  I was hoping for that effect, so it was pretty cool that it worked out.   

The buttons I used for the dress came from my shopping experience on Fabric Row in Philadelphia.  They are little golden anchors wrapped with rope - my husband picked them out.  Luckily he was there because I was overwhelmed by the button choices!

  It was pretty tough getting them to stand still long enough for photos!  But that usually means they are pretty excited with the new outfits...



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  1. Ahh!! That last picture is adorable! And these outfits are so cute - I really love the dress.

  2. Such pretty outfits! The dress is amazing, I love that red stripe fabric :)
    Heidi @ handmadefrenzy.blogspot.com

  3. love the swirly pic :) Lovely outfits :)

  4. Love the effect of the red and white stripe! I'm pretty sure I would go blind sewing with those stripes, but I LOVE the way it looks.
    Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com