Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorites of 2013

Okay, I feel a little late to the game.  I almost didn't write this post because I haven't blogged an entire year.  But I've made more things than I can keep track of, so this feels like a great reminder to me of what I enjoyed doing the most while learning to sew this past year. 

I haven't blogged about everything I've sewn (who has time to do both?!?), but here are some of my favorites.  And by favorites I mean I enjoyed making them and they were actually worn often instead of thrown into the "not quite right" pile to fix someday.

For the Girls:

I modified the Cottage Mama Party Dress, my favorite basic bodice.

It should come as no surprise that I love these tops (I made 11!)

The best fitting pants I've ever made for the girls. 
I'm also in love with those shoes I painted with gold triangles.

For Me:

I modified the Casual Lady Top to make this.  It was my second time using knits and looking back I'm pretty shocked it was sewn up without too many problems since I was making it up as I went.

  For the Man of the House:

I really need to sew more men's items!
 Non Clothing:

Someday I'll make another...

So those are the favs that I've actually taken pics and blogged about.  Hopefully I can get more efficient in the new year and share more - I already have a few new favorites to show soon.
Wishing everyone out there a Happy New Year!


  1. 11 skipper tops - yikes!! You must be able to sew them in your sleep!! Looking forward to seeing what you sew in 2014 Renee :)

  2. So fun! I also have lots of things I've sew but haven't blogged. It's a lot of work and sometimes I just want to sew more instead of blog! Can't wait to see what you create this year.